Sals Inflatables Service

COMET 3 minute floating smoke signal, ORANGE


Compact, flat-top, day-time orange smoke distress signal. Provides effective position marking or indication of wind direction during rescue operations .Safe to use on petrol or oil covered waters.

For use in day distress signal situations and to mark the position during a rescue operation.
SOLAS requires 2 smoke signals to be fitted in lifeboats and liferafts. Small canister saves space when packed into rafts.
To use: Remove lid, pull string. Two second ignition delay allows time to throw canister into water.
Product Specification:
  • Colour: Dense orange smoke
  • Burn Time: 3 minutes minimum
  • Ignition: pull-wire igniter witha 2 second safety delay
  • Temperature Operating Range -1c to 30c (30.2f to 86f)
  • Temperature storage range: -30c to +75c (-22f to 167f)
  • Weight: 370g (13oz)
  • Height: 100mm (4 ins)
  • Diameter: 84mm (3.2 ins)
  • NEC: 200g (7oz)