Sals Inflatables Service

Your liferaft is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on your vessel. Annual servicing will assure that your liferaft will operate & perform as designed and expected. Proper maintenance also increases the life expectancy!

This is a general guide and may or may not apply to your raft. Only after our trained technicians open the liferaft, evaluate its general condition and identify any replacements necessary can we give an accurate estimate for your total service fee.

Fees to service your liferaft include annual inspection, tests, items replaced or serviced, and required documentation.

This is the list of dated items that may add to the total inspection fee:

- Hand Flares, Parachute Flares, Smoke Signals (expire every 3 years)

- Repair Cement (needs to be replaced every year)

- Food Rations & Drinking Water (expire every 5 years)

- Batteries for Flashlight (need to be replaced every year)

- Batteries for Interior / Exterior lights

- First Aid Kit

Other possible fees include: manufacturer's certificates, gaskets and seals, bursting straps, vacuum bags, CO2 cylinder testing & refilling, hydrostatic releases, labels, five-year test, Necessary Additional Pressure Test, floor seam test or repairs.