Sals Inflatables Service

Achilles LS4-RU


Value packed, roll-up option for boaters who need the space-saving convenience of a lightweight easyto- stow tender

Both the LS-RU rollup tenders can be stowed in a space just 10" high. With a roll-up wood/Achilles CSM fabric floor and solid transom, they can be inflated and ready to go in minutes. When they are, they deliver surprisingly large load and person capacities. Easy to carry, easy to set up, easy to store - the LS-RU.

LS-RU Standard Features include

Achilles CSM fabric; wood/CSMroll-up floor; full-length rubbing strake; fold-down locking oar system and oar holders; two-piece breakdown aluminum oars and holders; protective motor clamp plate; removable wood rowing seat; towing D-rings; foot pump; carry bag; and maintenance kit.

Color Blue/Lt. Gray Blue/Lt. Gray
Length 7'6" (228 cm.) 8'8" (265 cm.)
Inside Length 5'1" (156 cm.) 6'1" (185 cm.)
Beam 4'4" (132 cm.) 4'8" (142 cm.)
Inside Beam 2' (62 cm.) 2'2" (66 cm.)
Tube Diameter 14' (35 cm.) 15" (38 cm.)
Weight 56 lbs. (25.5 kg.) 63 lbs. (28.5 kg.)
Load Capacity 594 lbs. (270 kg.) 840 lbs. (380 kg.)
Person Capacity 2 4
Recommended H.P. 4 (2-4) Standard 4 (2-6) Standard
Maximum H.P. 4 Standard 6 Standard
Air Chambers 2 2