Sals Inflatables Service

Achilles SGX-132


These versatile aluminum and wood-floored boats are the perfect solution for a range of uses

They are rugged and roomy so they can be put to the test as dive boats, heavy duty tenders or utility boats. Their sporty nature also makes them great runabouts that really perform thanks to their deep “V”inflatable keel and large tube diameters. A range of quality features include a fiberglass-encased transom and removable, dual position wood seat. Their Achilles CSM fabric pedigree makes these sport boats extremely tough...and tough to beat

SPD Standard Features include

Achilles CSM fabric; SGX boats have aluminum and wood self-locking floorboards and fiberglass encased transom; deep “V”inflatable keel; towing bridle D-rings; fold-down locking oar system with two-piece breakdown aluminum oars and oar holders; bow handle; four lift & carry handles; helmsman grip; 2 self bailer valves; gas tank tie downs; lifelines; removable dual position wood seat; high-volume foot pump; two carry bags; and maintenance kit

  SGX-122 SGX-132
Color Red/Gray Red/Gray
Length 12"2' (365 cm.) 13'2" (400 cm.)
Inside Length 8'10" (268 cm.) 9'4" (284 cm.)
Beam 5'4" (162 cm.) 5'9" (175 cm.)
Inside Beam 2'6" (76 cm.) 2'9" (85 cm.)
Tube Diameter 17" (43 cm.) 18" (45 cm.)
Weight 188 lbs. (85.5 kg.) 212 lbs. (96.5)
Load Capacity 1,480 lbs. (670 kg.) 1,760 lbs. (800 kg.)
Person Capacity 5 6
Recommended H.P. 20 (6-35) Standard 30 (9.9-40) Long
Maximum H.P. 35 Standard 40 Long
Air Chambers 4 & Keel 4 & Keel